Symphony for organ for two to play

Opus: 9
Written for: organ (four hands and four feet)
Movements: Prelude – Dialogue for principals and reeds (manuals only) – Intermezzo I for the flutes – Quintet I for flue pipes – Quintet II employing five colours – Intermezzo II for chimney-flutes and viola da gamba – Postlude
Duration: circa 41 min.
Details: in this piece the twelve-tone technique is used. On the one hand the use of the row is more free as with Schönberg c.s., on the other hand the development of the transpositions of the row is very strict

Score example: click here for the beginning of part VI
Sound examples: click here to hear an extract of part II, VI and VII

A CD has been released with this “Symphony”, played by Christoph Mehner and Gottfried Sembdner on the organ of the Grote Kerk at Deventer. Besides this piece the CD contains other pieces: “Four meditations”, “Ligaduras” and “Passingala” all played by Jos van der Kooy on the organ of the Grote Kerk (Bavo) at Haarlem.